From Dec. 31, 2023 to Jan. 4, 2024, cargo handling work was conducted at 61 ports in Japan, a decrease of two from the corresponding five days of the previous year, according to the Japan Harbor Transportation Association (Nikkokyo).

Cargo handling services were provided for 762 ships across Japan, a decline of 49—21 at the Big Six ports and 28 at other major and local ports.

The total number included 217 containerships and 240 conventional freighters, which reduced by 44 and 53, respectively. On the other hand, “other” vessels increased by 39.

The 217 containerships were all deployed on oceangoing trades, which sagged by 37. Approximately 45% were operated on those to and from China. The 217 ships moved some 96,000 TEUs of containers, which shrank by 14,000 TEUs. However, the number of containers carried per ship remained nearly unchanged.

The Big Six ports hosted 165 containerships, a decrease of 21, but there were growth in number at Osaka and Kobe. In terms of container throughput, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Osaka and Kobe registered higher volumes.




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