The Port of Osaka processed 1.98 million TEUs of containers in 2023, down 7% from the previous year, according to preliminary statistics compiled by the Osaka Ports and Harbors Bureau.

Osaka exported 919,669 TEUs last year, down 7%, and imported, 1.06 million TEUs, down 7%. Loaded containers accounted for 1.42 million TEUs, down 7%, which consisted of 389,233 TEUs of exports, down 2%, and 1.03 million TEUs of imports, down 9%. Empty containers totaled 564,637 TEUs, down 7%.

In December, 163,594 TEUs were moved to and from Osaka, up 1% from the same month of 2022, enabling the port to accomplish its first year-on-year increase in seven months.

The December total was made up of 81,612 TEUs of exports, up 5%, and 81,982 TEUs of imports, down 2%. It contained 114,898 TEUs of full containers, unchanged, of which 35,409 TEUs were exported, up 4%, and 79,489 TEUs were imported, down 2%. Empties amounted to 48,696 TEUs in total, up 3%.  




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