Supporting members[Phone Number](abc order)

16 companies and 11 organizations ( )

Company Name Phone No.
All Nippon Checkers 03-5765-2125 Tokyo
The Association For The Promotion Of International Trade Japanlink 03-6285-2626 Tokyo
Binal Co., 052-747-7300 Nagoya
Inchcape Shipping Services (Japan)
(Network Partner appointed by TT Club)
03-5442-5001 Tokyo
Info Japan 03-4520-0700 Tokyo
International Aircargo System 043-298-4711 Chiba
International Chamber of Commerce Japanlink 03-3213-8585 Tokyo
Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA)link 03-6222-7571 Tokyo
Japan Association for Simplification of International Trade Procedureslink Tokyo
The Japan Cargo Tally Corporationlink 03-3543-3211 Tokyo
Japan-China Economic Relations and Trade Centre/JCClink 06-4704-2511 Osaka
Japan Federation of Freight Industrieslink 03-3593-0139 Tokyo
The Japan Harbor Transportation Associationlink 03-3432-1050 Tokyo
Japan Transport Cooperation Association (JTCA)link 03-3863-9121 Tokyo
The Japan Warehousing Association 03-3643-1221 Tokyo
Kansai Integrated Systemslink 06-4706-1236 Osaka
Kumagai Printing Co., Ltd. 03-6659-8102 Tokyo
Max Corporationlink 075-746-6771 Kyoto
Nippon Automated Cargo And Port Consolidated System 03-6732-6119 Tokyo
NX Logistics Research Institute and Consulting, 070-7360-1416 Tokyo
NX Shoji Co., 03-6734-8834 Tokyo
Ocean Commerce 03-3435-7470 Tokyo
Sato Corporationlink 03-6628-2400 Tokyo
Sompo Japan Insurance 03-3349-3582 Tokyo
Thomson Reuters KKlink 03-4520-1350 Tokyo
Trade Tech Japan LLClink 03-4588-2595 Tokyo
WiseTech Global (Japan) 078-341-1560 Kobe

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