Language courses in Chinese

In recent years, business activities in China have become more and more important for forwarders, and demand has been growing for learning Chinese among JIFFA members.

To meet such needs, the Foreign Language Training Committee launched an elementary Chinese course in fiscal 1999 for those who want to learn it from the beginning and an intermediate course in fiscal 2002 for those who want to brush up their basic competencies.

Outline of the courses:

The elementary Chinese course, which begins in October, encourages students to have basic daily conversations, read and write texts and learn other simple tasks.

It is designed to teach basic skills in Chinese that are thought to be needed in actual business practice.

Meanwhile, the intermediate course, which begins in April, is provided for those who have taken the above-mentioned elementary course, who have learned Chinese pronunciation and other basics and who can handle simple daily conversation.

It is designed to improve the fundamental competencies of such intermediate students.

Both courses are offered in Tokyo for a period of four months – for a total of 30 hours (15 two-hour classes).

At the end of semesters, they can take the qualification examinations, and if they pass them, they will receive certificates.

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