UNCTAD: Decarbonization by 2050 Could Cost $8-28 Bil. Annually

An additional $8 billion to $28 billion will be required annually to decarbonize ships by 2050, and even more substantial investments, ranging from $28 billion to $90 billion annually, will be need...


Containers to/from Japan Decrease for 4 Months Running

Oceangoing containers to and from Japan's six major ports totaled 1.13 million TEUs in July, which slid 8.7% from the corresponding month of the previous year and have registered a year-on-year dec...


Asia's US Exports Plunge in Aug.

Outbound containers from 18 Asian countries and regions to the U.S. amounted to 1.68 million TEUs in August, which plunged 13.9% from a year earlier and have registered a year-on-year contraction f...


Japan's U.S. Container Exports Decrease in Aug.

Japan's U.S.-bound container exports amounted to 48,372 TEUs in August (based on volumes at ports of origin), which decreased 7.2% from the corresponding month of 2022, according to Descartes Datam...


Participants Sought in Container Transshipment, Carriage Trial

To develop easy-to-use, competitive container terminals, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corp. and Osaka-Kobe International ...


Thailand to Simplify, Speed up Import Formalities for Good Importers

Thailand will significantly simplify and speed up its custom inspections on food and pharmaceutical products for quality importers and promote the electronification of import formalities, according...


Hanoi Proposes 10% Increase in Container Handling Fees

The Vietnam Maritime Administration (Vinamarine) has proposed a 10% increase of container handling fees to help port and harbor terminal operators acquire more resources to upgrade service quality ...


US Container Imports Plunge in Aug.

Container imports to the U.S. amounted to 21.9 million TEUs in August (based on volumes at ports of origin), which plunged 12.6% year on year, according to Descartes Datamyne, which has referred to...


Waiting Times Not Exceed 2 Hours at Tokyo Port Terminals

Average waiting times were more than one hour at seven terminals and less than one hour at five terminals on May 8-29, according to a survey conducted by the Tokyo Trucking Association (TTA) on the...


US Container Imports Fluctuate Similarly to 2019

U.S. container imports increased a minute 0.4% from the previous month to 2.2 million TEUs in August, which followed a pattern of growth seen in the peak season in pre-pandemic years, according to ...



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