Course for qualifying IMTSs

The Education Committee commenced a course for qualifying international multimodal transport specialists (IMTSs) in 1985 as part of its activities to provide education to JIFFA members.

It has since been working to develop human resources who have expertise and know-how on international multimodal services that contain seaborne transport, producing many IMTSs.

In accordance with up-to-date information, the training course covers a wide range of subjects from relevant laws and working-level matters.

Experts in various fields are invited as lecturers in technical and systematic curricula.

“Kokusai Fukugo Yuso Gyomu no Tebiki” (Guide to International Multimodal Transport Business), a textbook for the training course, is used extensively – not only by students in the course but also by workers in charge of onsite duties in international multimodal transport.

The training course is provided every year at two locations – Tokyo and Osaka (or Nagoya).

Applicants must have experience of being engaged in business activities relating to international multimodal transport for three years or longer, aim to become international multimodal transport experts or be mid-level managers in charge of international multimodal transport and be recommended by the companies to which they belong.

The training course is also open to individuals from enterprises and organizations that are not JIFFA members.

They are eligible to apply for the course if they are employees of shipper firms, are responsible for managing international logistics and other duties and want to systematically learn expertise in international intermodal transport.

Students take some 30 classes over a period of 10 days, and certificates for IMTSs are granted to those who pass the qualification examinations.

Major curriculum of the IMTS training course
Current state of international intermodal transport and challenges
Basic knowledge of international logistics and transport
Laws pertaining to the international transport of goods
Practical business of the international transport of goods
Logistics situations in countries around the world
Other relevant subjects
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