Oceangoing container throughput at the Port of Kawasaki, near Tokyo, plummeted 18% to 7,274 TEUs in October 2023, according to the Kawasaki City Government’s Port and Harbor Bureau. Huge declines were registered in both ways, with exports plunging 19% to 3,730 TEUs and imports, 16.9% to 3,544 TEUs.

Looking more closely at exports, loaded containers accounted for 1,112 TEUs, down 20.3%, and unloaded containers, 2,618 TEUs, down 18.4%. As for imports, laden containers amounted to 3,516 TEUs, down 17.2%, and empties, 28 TEUs, up 47.4%. Domestic containers totaled 2,029 TEUs, up 36.9%. The combined volume of international and domestic containers was 9,303 TEUs, down 10.1%.

In January-October, international containers totaled 69,187 TEUs, down 23.8%, which consisted of 35,384 TEUs of exports, down 23.2%, and 33,803 TEUs of imports, down 24.4%. Containers to and from other domestic ports accounted for 16,842 TEUs, up 11%. International and domestic containers amounted to 86,029 TEUs in total, down 18.8%.




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