Container exports to the U.S. from 10 major countries and regions in Asia grew a minute 0.3% from a year earlier to 1,107,662 TEUs in March (based on the volumes of shipments that mother vessels are loaded with at ports of origin), Descartes Datamyne unveiled on April 15. In the first quarter (January-March), however, they decreased 1.7% to 3,725,608 TEUs.

In March alone, exports from China fell 7.3% to 561,577 TEUs, but managed to hold the leading share of the pie, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. research company with Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and bill of lading (B/L) data provided by the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP). Coming in second place, those from South Korea improved 7.3% to 163,831 TEUs. Containers from Taiwan surged 26.2% to 80,069 TEUs, while those from Vietnam were even more brisk, soaring 30.4% to 58,042 TEUs, showing that some economies in the region—expect for China—performed very well. Meanwhile, exports from Japan plunged 13.1% to 41,727 TEUs. Including containers transshipped in Japan, they decreased 3.4% to 57,045 TEUs (based on the volumes of shipments that arrived at ports of destination).

In January-March, meanwhile, shipments from China declined 8.4% to 2,127,626 TEUs, but again, managed to enjoy the largest share. In contrast, those from South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, which finished in second, third and fourth places, respectively, were all robust. They swelled 9.3% to 439,651 TEUs, 21.4% to 245,132 TEUs and 23.8% to 210,144 TEUs, respectively. However, containers from Japan waned 6.4% to 120,126 TEU, ranked seventh.




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