NSAC Asks to Have Railway Terminal Storing Fees Supervised by OSRA

A public hearing session was recently held on a proposal made by the National Shipper Advisory Committee (NSAC). The NSAC, which consists of 24 major shippers, is asking the Federal Maritime Commis...


CCFI Down 5.3%; SCFI Up 9.9% in April

The composite China Containerized Freight Index (CCFI) averaged 944.98 points in April, down 5.3% from the previous month. In contrast, the composite Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) imp...


SCFI Slightly Decreases Despite Increases on North-South Routes

The composite Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) closed at 983.41 points in Week 19, down 1.5% from the previous week, according to the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE). Spot rates for con...


Asia-US Exports Plunge 19% in April

Container exports to the U.S. from 10 major Asian countries and regions amounted to 1,404,889 TEUs in April (based on volumes at ports where ships were loaded with shipments), according to Descarte...


WCI Slightly Decreases in Week 19

Drewry Maritime Research’s composite World Container Index (WCI) decreased 1% from the previous week to $1,741.44 per FEU in Week 19, which has dropped by 77% when compared with the same week of la...


China-Russia Trade Expands in April

China exported US$19.23 billion worth of products to Russia in April, which increased 41.3% from the same month of 2022, according to China’s Customs Administration. Meanwhile, imports from Russia ...


NCFI Jump 14% in April

The Ningbo Containerized Freight Index (NCFI) averaged 722.9 points in April, surging 13.9% from a month earlier but plunged 78.9% from a year earlier, according to the Ningbo Shipping Exchange (NB...


US Imports Expected to Remain Below

Import cargo volume at U.S. major container ports is climbing back from a nearly three-year low in February but is expected to remain well below last year’s levels heading into this fall, according...


SCFI Minutely Declines in Week 18

The composite Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI), an indicator for ex-Shanghai container spot rates that do not include terminal handling charges (THCs), declined a minute 0.1% from the pr...


WCI Up for 1st Time in 2 Weeks

Drewry Maritime Research’s composite World Container Index (WCI) increased 1% from the previous week to $1,763.28 per FEU in Week 18.The composite index has, however, dropped 77% when compared with...



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