Outbound containers from Asia to Europe increased 8.8% year on year to 1.27 million TEUs in November 2023, a year-on-year increase for nine months running, according to statistics compiled by the Japan Maritime Center from data provided by the U.K.’s Container Trades Statistics (CTS). From the beginning of the year, they totaled 15.08 million TEUs, which picked up 6.8%.

In November last year, containerized shipments from China and Hong Kong surged 12.3% to 959,865 TEUs in total, which led the increase in overall throughput. In contrast, those from Southeast Asia fell 1% to 172,638 TEUs, while those from Northeast Asia shrank a minute 0.3% to 136,767 TEUs.

By destination, Asia’s exports grew to all regions, with those to North Europe swelling 6.5% to 776,019 TEUs, to the Eastern Mediterranean, 11.2% to 262,429 TEUs and to the Western Mediterranean, 14.5% 230,828 TEUs.

Meanwhile, imports from Europe to Asia improved 2.3% to 554,575 TEUs in November. In January-November, they amounted to a total of 5.91 million TEUs, which sagged 4.2%.

By region of origin, containers from North Europe waned 5.1% to 375,552 TEUs. From the Western Mediterranean, on the other hand, they surged 12.3% to 91,908 TEUs and from the Eastern Mediterranean, 34.6% to 87,115 TEUs, reflecting a hike in those from Turkey.

By destination, imports to China rose 0.2% to 287,128 TEUs. To Southeast Asia, they ballooned 12.7% to 159,819 TEUs, but to Northeast Asia, in contrast, they declined 5.6% to 107,613 TEUs.




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