India’s ministry of ports, shipping and waterways has begun soliciting bids for a public-private partnership (PPP) for the development of an international container transshipment port on Great Nicobar of the Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

The project will be for constructing an international container transshipment port in Galathea Bay on the south coast of Great Nicobar, which is located some 40 nautical miles from the Strait of Malacca. A total of INR410 billion (US$5 billion) will be invested for the 16-million-TEU capacity facility by the public and private sectors. Having existing transshipment terminals in Singapore, Port Kelang and Colombo in proximity, the new port will be highly strategically situated.

The project will be advanced in four phases, and a total of INR180 billion will be invested in Phase 1 for the commencement in 2028 of a four-million-TEU facility. It will consist of two breakwaters with a natural draft of 20 meters, a 400-meter navigational channel, an 800-meter-diameter turning circle, seven berths with a total length of 2.3 kilometers and a 125-hectare container yard.




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