Cyber Port and Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System (NACCS) will be directly linked on March 13, 2023, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced yesterday.

Direct data linkages between Cyber Port, a system run by the MLIT's Port and Harbor Bureau to computerize logistics formalities among private operators, and NACCS will realize one-stop logistics and customs-clearance procedures, for example. More specifically, the number of items that operators need to enter when having customs clearance formalities will be reduced by up to 80%. The MLIT, thus, intends to improve convenience for the users of both systems. To raise the interoperability of logistics formalities between private operators and customs-clearance procedures for NACCS by standardizing ledger sheet items, the ministry will add NACCS-compliant rules to Cyber Port.




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