In consideration of dockworker shortages, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has come up with an action plan to address the issue, which consists of measures to take in the future, such as the promotion of collaborations among operators and the realization of appropriate conditions for business transactions.

To make it easier to work together with port transporters from different fields and from other ports, the MLIT will make more flexible the standards for obtaining permissions for newly launching port transport services to begin collaborations. It will also promote cooperation in other ways, such as the use of business cooperatives and the joint use of cargo handling equipment. Based on the results of a survey that it conducted in February-March on port transport fees, conditions for business transactions and business customs, the ministry will take necessary actions by the end of this fiscal year, such as making better notifications, and have them understood well among shipping companies and shippers. It will also solicit cooperation from shipping companies and shippers.




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