The Port of Yokohama handled a total of 248,032 TEUs of containers in April, which increased a mild 1.5% from the same month of last year, according to preliminary statistics unveiled by the city of Yokohama's Port and Harbor Bureau. Oceangoing containers accounted for 219,582 TEUs, which shrank a more minute 0.7%.

Exports remained nearly unchanged, only increasing 0.1% to 119,296 TEUs, while imports declined a more notable 1.7% to 100,287 TEUs. As for loaded containers, 85,729 TEUs were exported, down 4.4%, and 96,024 TEUs were imported, up 1.1%. In respect to empties, 33,567 TEUs were exported, up 13.9%, and 4,263 TEUs were imported, down 39.3%.  




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