A total of 263,149 TEUs of containers were handled in ferry services between South Korea and China in January-May, up 1.6% from the same five months of 2021, according to a local association of car ferry service operators. Lockdown were imposed in Shanghai and other municipalities under the zero-COVID policy adopted by Beijing, which hindered overland transport. Consequently, it was difficult to forward shipments to Mongolia or make connections with the Trans-China Railway (TCR), producing mixed results for routes.

More specifically, throughput plunged on the Incheon-Weihai and -Dandong routes, which fell 14.8% to 16,966 TEUs and 40.7% to 3,650 TEUs, respectively. In contrast, growth was seen on the Incheon-Qingdao route, where 27,987 TEUs were transported, up 3.4%. Increases were much greater on the Incheon-Yantai and -Dalian routes, where volumes improved 37.7% to 20,737 TEUs and 32.8% to 6,613 TEU, respectively.




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