A total of 14,830,583 TEUs of containers were traded worldwide in September, according to statistics compiled by Container Trades Statistics Ltd. (CTS) of the U.K. There was an increase of 0.9% from the same month of last year, and growth was gained year on year for the 14th month in a row. However, year-on-year growth remained at single-digit levels for three consecutive months. From the previous month, there was a decline of 3.1%. Meanwhile, the global freight rate index (100 points in 2008) was 181 points, swelling as much as 2.5-fold from a year earlier. From a month earlier, there was a rise of nine points, which led to setting a new all-time high.

Looking at container movement by region, imports to and exports from the Far East were both robust, which rose 0.9% to 5,505,739 TEUs and 3% to 8,834,477 TEUs, respectively. In contrast, shipments were sluggish both to and from Europe, which imported 2,811,106 TEUs, down 0.3%, and exported 2,499,320 TEUs, down 0.8%. North America’s imports were favorable, which climbed 7.1% to 3,103,510 TEUs, but its exports plunged a notable 9.8% to 1,091,951 TEUs.




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