Container exports from Japan to the U.S. surged 32.8% from a year earlier, coming to 52,247 TEUs in volume in August, according to Descartes Datamyne. From a month earlier, however, there was a shrinkage of 7.8%.

Direct shipments on the route accounted for 36,242 TEUs, up 20%, while the remaining 16,005 TEUs were moved via transshipment. Focusing on direct shipments, 14,736 TEUs were exported from Tokyo, up 5.7%; 11,484 TEUs from Nagoya, up 25.1%; 8,301 TEUs from Kobe, up 40.3%; 822 TEUs from Yokohama, up 248.3%; and 308 TEUs from Shimizu, up 2.3%.

Meanwhile, imports from the U.S. to Japan in July decreased 1.2% from the same month of 2020 to 52,542 TEUs based on volumes at final destinations. From the previous month, on the other hand, they declined 3.6%.

Containers directly transported to Japan amounted to 40,576 TEUs, down 10.7%. By port, those destined to Tokyo fell 7.7% to 16,372 TEUs but managed to hold the largest share of the pie. As for imports to other destination, 8,298 TEUs were processed at Kobe, down 25.8%; 5,547 TEUs at Yokohama, up 1.6%; 5,002 TEUs at Kobe, down 0.4%; 932 TEUs at Hakata, down 6.7%; 919 TEUs at Osaka, down 8.9%; and 527 TEUs at Shimizu, down 13.7%.




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