Egypt has become the first African country to implement Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID)

In accordance with the new Egyptian customs law #207 that was put into effect November 2020 and its following related decrees, Advance Cargo Information Declaration is becoming mandatory for all Egypt import shipments starting from October 1 2021. The new system was to start on July 1, 2021 following a grace period from April 1 till June 30, 2021. The delay will provide stakeholders more time to prepare and register within the designated platforms.

The ACI system requires cargo data and documents (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bills of Lading and Cargo Manifest) at latest until 48 hours before the vessel departure from the loading port. Under the new regime, a unique number called ACID number (Advance Cargo Information Declaration) will be issued for each shipment. ACID will be issued for each ACI request (maximum within 48 hours from request submission) by Egyptian customs portal -




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