The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) increased 1.4% from the previous week to 1,183.7 points in Week 33(?), the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE) announced on Aug. 21. From a year earlier, the index swelled an impressive 53%.

To Europe, shipments were moved at a spot rate of $937 per TEU, up 2.3%, and to the Mediterranean, at $996 per TEU, up 3%.

On the route to North America, tonnage supply was under control within a certain range at a time when demand was on the rise. Freight rates to the east coast, as such, increased 1% to $3,953 per FEU, while those to the west coast grew as much to $3,440 per FEU. From a year earlier, the latter surged a notable 167%.

As the peak season has set in on the trade to the Middle East Gulf, freight rates to the region improved 2.1% to $796 per TEU. Those to Australia and New Zealand, in contrast, only swelled minutely, going up 0.8% to $1,107 per TEU.

To South America, demand rose among the local general public for daily necessities as well as disease-control and other medical products, lifting spot rates 4.4% to $1,367 per TEU.

Freight rates for shipments destined to Japan were relatively stable. Those to Kansai and Kanto both remained unchanged at $231 per TEU and $238 per TEU, respectively.




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