Containerized shipments traded to and from China turned upward in July, rising 4.6% from a year earlier to 23.82 million TEUs, as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had ceased escalating, leading to growth in trade volume, according to statistics compiled by the nation’s Ministry of Transport (MOT). Breaking down the total container lifting, coastal ports were responsible for 21.24 million TEUs, up 5.4%, and inland river ports processed the remaining 2.58 million TEUs, down 1.1%.

In the first seven months (January-July), 144.01 million TEUs were imported to and exported from China, down 3.8%. Coastal ports handled 128.2 million TEUs, down 3.4%, while the balance of 15.81 million TEUs were moved to and from inland river ports, down 7.1%.

Focusing on coastal ports, volumes improved year on year at Tianjin, up 4%, and Qingdao, up 0.9%, while throughput at Guangzhou came back to level off. There were signs of recovery in container trade to and from China.




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