The Port of Nagoya handled 194.44 million tons of shipments in 2019, down 1.1% from the previous year, according to preliminary port statistics unveiled by the Nagoya Port Authority (NPA). As for international freight, exports declined 1.6% to 52.85 million tons resulting from decreases in auto parts and components, industrial machinery and others. Meanwhile, imports fell 3.2% to 73.53 million tons due to contractions in LNG, iron ore and others. The total of exports and imports, as such, amounted to 126.38 million tons, down 2.5%.

Looking at containerized shipments, exports waned 3.2% to 24.04 million tons, caused by declines in auto parts and components and other commodities. Imports shrank 2.6% to 24.05 million tons owing to falls in garments, personal belongings and footwear as well as others. They totaled 48.08 million tons, down 2.9%.

In terms of number, oceangoing containers came to 2.65 million TEUs, down 1.9%, while domestic containers totaled 200,000 TEUs, up 10.6%. Their total was 2.84 million TEUs, down 1.1%.




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