The combined volume of local and feeder containers traded between South Korea and China in the first half (January-June) amounted to 1,534,606 TEUs, growing a favorable 6.78% from a year earlier, according to statistics compiled by the Yellow Sea Liners Commission (YSLC). Local containers increased 4.23% to 1,410,749 TEUs, while feeder containers swelled a much more notable 48.04% to 123,857 TEUs.

Containers from South Korea to China accounted for 570,545 TEUs, up 2.97%, consisting of 527,671 TEUs of local containers, up 2.47%, and 42,873 TEUs of feeder containers, up 9.63%.

Meanwhile, 964,061 TEUs were moved from China to South Korea, up 9.17%. Local shipments totaled 883,077 TEUs, up 5.32%, while feeder shipments grew a much more remarkable 81.75% to 80,984 TEUs.

Containers to and from major ports in China were as follows. Shanghai processed 413,676 TEUs, up 4.44%, enjoying the leading share of the pie. Qingdao handled 226,788 TEUs, up 10.17%, finishing in second place. Containers to and from Xingang surged 26.05% to 220,731 TEUs, helping the port come in second place. Ranked fourth were those to and from Ningbo, which soared 10.95% 126,858 TEUs. At the bottom of the top five were those to and from Dalian, which fell 4.26% to 101,733 TEUs.




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