Containerized exports from Japan to China plunged 11.5% to 868,069 tons in April, posting a decrease from a year earlier for two back-to-back months, according to a report compiled by the Japan Maritime Center (JMC) from trade statistics provided by the Ministry of Finance (MOF). This represents the lowest volume since the JMC began keeping relevant data.

In terms of value, they amounted to 70.1 billion yen, down 4.3%, posting a decrease from a year earlier for two months running.

Meanwhile, imports from China to Japan grew 5.0% to 1,896,920 tons, achieving a year-on-year improvement for the two straight months. They were favorable on a value scale, too, rising 6.3% to 1,080.2 billion yen.

For the first five months, containerized shipments from Japan to China contracted 6.1% from the same period in 2018 to 3.17 million tons while those from China swelled 2.8% to 7.40 million tons.




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