South Korea-China ferry services carried 136,401 TEUs of containers in the first quarter (January-March) of 2019, which only improved a modest 3% due to decreases registered in January and February.

Container volumes on major routes to and from Inchon were as follows: 11,548 TEUs to and from Weihai, down 8.6%; 11,175 TEUs to and from Qingdao, down 6.5%; 10,522 TEUs to and from Lianyungang, up 8.3%; 9,203 TEUs to and from Yentai, up 4.6%; 7,269 TEUs to and from Qinhuangdao, up 16.9%; 2,482 TEUs to and from Dalian, down 19.3%.

To and from Pyeongtaek, meanwhile, 11,178 TEUs were moved to and from Rizhao, up 12.5% and 10,547 TEUs to and from Weihai, down 9.2%.




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