Leading shipping companies moved a total of 1.103 million TEUs of containers in July among 13 countries and regions in Asia, which increased 2.3% year on year. Dry and reefer containers were both brisk, going up 2.1% to 1.04 million TEUs and up 4.5% to 63,000 TEUs, respectively. Exports from Japan decreased 5.5% to 118,000 TEUs, but imports to the economy improved 2.9% to 190,000 TEUs.

In the first seven months (January-July), the total of 7.273 million TEUs were moved on the intra-Asia trade route, which declined 3.7% from a year earlier.

Looking more closely at containerized shipments exported from Japan in July by destination, those to northern China went down 4.3% to 17,000 TEUs; to central China, down 11.6% to 11,000 TEUs; to Fujian Province, up 24.2% to 1,000 TEUs and to southern China, down 1.6% to 9,000 TEUs. Those to Hong Kong and Taiwan were also down, 17.2% to 10,000 TEUs and 1.9% to 16,000 TEUs, respectively.

As for containers destined to Southeast Asia, Japan exported 4,000 TEUs to the Philippines, which went down 15.8%; 372 TEUs to Cambodia, up 39.5%; 7,547 TEUs to Vietnam, down 21.9%; 13,000 TEUs to Thailand, down 11.1%; 7,000 TEUs to Malaysia, down 4.8%; 6,000 TEUs to Indonesia, up 7.5% and 200 TEUs to Myanmar, down 32.1%.

Regarding containers imported to Japan in the month in question, those from northern China went down 0.5% to 22,768 TEUs; from central China, down 0.6% to 27,666 TEUs and from Fujian Province, down 3.6% to 9,000 TEUs. In contrast, containers from southern China grew 3.6% to 32,000 TEUs. Imports from Hong Kong plunged 13.8% to 7,000 TEUs, but those from Taiwan hiked 3% to 16,000 TEUs.

Focusing on shipments from Southeast Asia, those from the Philippines and Cambodia both shrank from the corresponding month of 2016, falling 4.2% to 7,000 TEUs and plunging 31.1% to 300 TEUs, respectively. On the other hand, those from other economies in the region were robust across the board. Specifically, Japan imported 13,289 TEUs from Vietnam, which went up 10.3%; 18,000 TEUs from Thailand, up 7.2%; 7,000 TEUs from Malaysia, up 15.2%; 3,000 TEUs from Singapore, up 4.8%; 9,000 TEUs from Indonesia, up 11% and 600 TEUs from Myanmar, up 20.8%.




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