Trade ports in China handled a total of 14.273 million TEUs of containers in February, which increased 7.8% from the corresponding month of 2016, according to an announcement made on March 14 by the nation’s Ministry of Transport (MOT). Coastal ports were responsible for 13.68 million TEUs, which grew 7.8%, while throughput was even more favorable at inland river ports, which surged 12.6% to 1.7 million TEUs.

In the first two months, 34.285 million TEUs were moved to and from China, which swelled 5.8% year on year. Container lifting improved at both coastal and inland river ports, which went up 5.4% to 30.615 million TEUs and up 9.5% to 3.669 million TEUs, respectively.

Looking at last month’s container throughput by major port, Ningbo-Zhoushan did well, processing 1.756 million TEUs, which rose 9.1% from a year earlier. In contrast, Shenzhen suffered a double-digit contraction, handling 1.36 million TEUs, which plunged 14.6%. Ningbo-Zhoushan, which had been the third busiest container port in China, overtook Shenzhen, which had boasted the second largest container throughput, for the first time to finish in second place. The comeback attracted attention as a sign showing that container lifting at Shenzhen began to decline.




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