Container exports from Asia to Europe amounted to 16.58 million TEUs in 2023, which increased 7.8% from the previous year and returned to a pre-pandemic 2019 level, according to statistics compiled by the Japan Maritime Center (JMC) with data provided by Container Trades Statistics (CTS).

By origin, containers from China swelled 9.5% to 12.5 million TEUs, leading the overall outbound container movement. Those from Northeast Asia were brisk as well, accomplishing a double-digit improvement of 12.1% to total 1.83 million TEUs. On the other hand, containers from Southeast Asia fell 3.7% to 2.24 million TEUs.

By destination, container exports from Asia increased across the board. To Europe, they went up 1.4% to 10.22 million TEUs; to the Western Mediterranean, 11.4% to 3.01 million TEUs; and to the Eastern Mediterranean, 28.9% to 3.35 million TEUs.

Meanwhile, imports from Europe to Asia totaled 6.47 million TEUs last year, which fell 3.5% from 2022 and have remained on a downward trend for three consecutive years.

By origin, containers from North Europe declined 5.1% to 4.53 million TEUs and from the Western Mediterranean, 5.2% to 1.02 million TEUs, but those from the Eastern Mediterranean climbed 4.5% to 916,708 TEUs.

By destination, imports to China waned 6.6% to 3.2 million TEUs and to Northeast Asia, 12.1% to 1.38 million TEUs; however, those to Southeast Asia picked up 8.7% to 1.9 million TEUs.  

In December, container exports from Asia to Europe amounted to 1.49 million TEUs, which jumped 19.1% year on year and have stayed on the rise for 10 months in a row. In contrast, imports from Europe to Asia decreased 1.1% to 563,645 TEUs, their first year-on-year contraction in three months.




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