The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)’s Kanto Regional Development Bureau has unveiled how Container Fast Pass (CONPAS), a port information system developed by the ministry, is used at the Port of Yokohama’s Minami Honmoku Pier.

The bureau has begun a new project in partnership with shipping companies to collate information on incoming shipments in advance. In December 2022, CONPAS began accepting bookings in early morning hours. When first introduced, it had 57 companies registered, which increased to 245 in December 2023. The number of bookings was on the decline first but began surging in February 2023 and has since remained on the rise.

At BC-2 Terminal, CONPAS was operated on a trial basis twice in 2022 and 2023 to increase container yard efficiency by rehandling loaded outgoing containers according to booking information and to locate a center for confirming bookings at a place distant from the terminal, A Jetty. As a result, the average duration of time from beginning to deliver out containers to completing it has been shortened by some 20%.

At D1 Terminal, CONPAS has been operated to enhance its booking system by providing booking frames in accordance with cargo handling frequency, gate congestion, the volume of cargo stored and so on to avoid trouble in the busy and slack seasons.




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