Weathernews has begun providing a service to estimate the number of ships in port from ship location information and meteorological data.

Ships are forced to wait for a long time until being berthed due to weather conditions and/or depending on the season and the day of the week after arriving at ports. If this is the case, operators could face various challenges, as shipping schedules could be impacted, and there will be more fuel consumption than expected.

With the service, Berth Waiting Forecast, the Chiba-based weather information company helps shipping companies, assuming that ships may stay long at destinations in some cases. The service, as such, tells operators the number of ships in port and how many days they have been in port on a real-time basis. It can also predict how many ships will remain in port for the next seven days.

The service makes projections with an AI analysis model that Weathernews has developed on its own with information on ship locations, the weather, the season and the day of the week. By formulating operation plans assuming congestion at destination ports, operators can avoid unexpected fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. They can also keep their vessel hulls from marine organisms, optimize charter contracts and personnel arrangements to lighten risks from staying in port for extended periods of time.




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