Container exports to the U.S. from 18 Asian economies plunged 20.1% to 1,468,276 TEUs in January, according to the Japan Maritime Center (JMC), which refers to data from the Journal of Commerce (JOC)'s Port Import/Export Reporting Service (PIERS). Container movement on the route has lost momentum as it was much more robust in 2022. There has been a year-on-year contraction for five months in a row.

Exports from China plummeted 25.4% to 822,047 TEUs; from Taiwan, 28.5% to 48,124 TEUs; and from Japan, 19.9% to 43,829 TEUs, while those from South Korea almost stayed flat at 91,981 TEUs.

ASEAN also decreased in most countries, down 11.8% to 342,926 TEU. Those from Vietnam managed to hold the largest share in the region, but quantitatively, they fell 12.5% to 166,550 TEUs. Those from Thailand shrank 3.7% to 70,005 TEUs; from Indonesia, 14.2% to 38,961 TEUs; and from Malaysia, 23.6% to 29,681 TEUs.

Container traffic from South Asia was quite similar, waning 4.5% to 113,069 TEUs in total. Containers from India remained nearly unchanged, sinking a minute 0.1% to 85,452 TEUs, but those from Bangladesh slid a more notable 10% to 11,555 TEUs.




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