Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)'s acquisition of Kansas City Southern (KCS) will bestow benefits upon not only shippers in North America but those in Japan and other Asian economies as well, a CP executive said on Monday during a press conference at a Tokyo hotel. Jordan Kajfasz is in Japan now to explain how beneficial the acquisition is to customers. When it is fully completed after having a final approval in late March, CP will promote the new services it will launch then. After leaving Japan, he will then visit Taiwan and South Korea.

Although CP acquired KCS in December 2021, KCS will be held in voting trust until the Surface Transportation Board (STB) finishes reviewing the acquisition. CP will not make KCS a subsidiary but put it in operation as Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC), which will be headquartered in Calgary.

CPKC will become the only railway to operate in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, Kajfasz said, adding that it will make Lazaro Cardenas, a Mexican port on the Pacific coast, a new gateway to North America for shippers in Asia.




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