The National Federation of Dockworkers Unions of Japan (Zenkoku Kowan) and the Japanese Confederation of Port and Transport Workers' Unions (Koun Domei) jointly submitted requests regarding labor conditions and for a revision of their labor agreement to the Japan Harbor Transportation Association (Nikkokyo) yesterday at their first central bargaining session in the 2023 spring wage negotiations. They are scheduled to meet next time at 1:30 p.m. on March 15.

At the first central bargaining session, Zenkoku Kowan and Koun Domei explained the idea of submitting the requests. Nikkokyo replied that it will strive to take local opinions and avoid long-standing negotiations.

Zenkoku Kowan and Koun Domei also asked Nikkokyo to make major wage hikes and sincerely respond to their request for a rise of \30,000 ($225) or more (or 10% or more) of base wages. They also wanted the 2023 minimum wage to be \184,200 ($1,380) a month, or \8,010 ($60) a day or \1,145 ($8.6) an hour.

Zenkoku Kowan and Koun Domei said that Nikkokyo should apply appropriate rates in accordance with the package of policies for passing cost increases to others for the creation of value through partnerships that Japanese government is advancing and make them funds for rate hikes.




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