The diffusion index of business sentiments among Japanese enterprises doing business in Thailand for the second half of fiscal 2022 (October 2022-March 2023) is projected to remain positive at 21 points, according to the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Bangkok (JCCB).

The JCCB has unveiled the results of a survey it conducted in December among member companies, in which responses were made by 508. The index itself is, however, envisaged to decrease from the first half (April-September 2022) due to steep rises in raw material and energy prices, global inflation, weaker demand for exports resulting from monetary tightening and so forth. For the first half of fiscal 2023, the index is expected to flow to 28 points owing to favorable economic impacts from growth in the number of inbound tourists, the resolution of raw material shortages and other factors.

Asked what country is a promising export market for products from Thailand, 47% of the respondents answered Vietnam, which was followed by India, 38%; Indonesia, 30%; and Japan, 20%.

As for challenges in corporate management, 64% pointed out competition with others. Other comments included “surging raw material prices, 63%; increases in total labor costs, 39%; and rises in logistics costs, 36%.  




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