The seaport, harbor and airport unit of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)' Kanto Regional Development Bureau will on June 22-July 5 run a new port and harbor information system on a trial basis at Container Terminal BC of the Port of Yokohama's Honmoku Pier. To raise cargo handling efficiency in container yards, the trial operation will be made with booking information to establish a method to use the system, known as Container Fast Pass (CONPAS).

The trial will be made to deliver loaded dry and reefer containers out of Container Terminal BC. Based on booking information registered with CONPAS, containers to be delivered will be transferred - before trailers come to pick them up - to other locations so that they will not be obstructed by cargo loading and unloading with ships. By avoiding interferences with ships being loaded with containers and unnecessary container relocations, the unit intends to realize smoother cargo pickups and reduce the amount of time for which trailers stay in container yards.




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