On Thursday (18th), the White House reiterated its concerns about the monopoly of the three major global shipping alliances and asked the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to use all tools to ensure free and fair competition. in the shipping industry. FMC then launched the improvement measures.

The U.S. government is stepping up its efforts to alleviate the disruption of supply chain within the country, in particular, container congestion at the West Coast ports and railroad yards.

In a new blog, the White House reiterated its concerns about the dominance by three major container shipping alliances, namely the 2M Alliance, the OCEAN Alliance and THE Alliance which accounts for a global shipping market share of approximately 80%, and 95% of the East-West routes and the trans-Pacific container shipping market.

The White House said: ''Even if retailers cannot move their containers, retailers still need to pay for the containers staying on the docks. If the three major alliances decide not to accept products for export, agricultural exporters will not be able to fulfill their contracts, and they will be vulnerable to corrupt agricultural products. It may be invalidated directly.''




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