Outbound container trade from Japan to China notably decelerated in July. Japan exported 770,972 tons, which plunged 12.7% from the same month of last year, according to statistics the Japan Maritime Center (JMC) has compiled from trade data provided by the Ministry of Finance (MOF). The trade route marked a year-on-year contraction for three months in a row and set the lowest record for the month in question. In terms of value, in contrast, container exports from Japan ballooned 13.4% to ¥817.6 billion, enjoying an improvement from a year earlier for eight straight months.

Meanwhile, imports from China to Japan hiked 6.7% to 1,784,017 tons, increasing year on year for the third consecutive month. They were valued at ¥1,148 trillion, up 8.4%, registering a year-on-year increase for two back-to-back months.

In January-July, container exports from Japan to China totaled 5.479 million tons in volume, up 3.1%, and ¥5.398 trillion in value, up 21.9%. Imports from China to Japan weighed 12.386 million tons, up 7.2%, which were worth ¥7.789 trillion, up 10.5%.




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