Containerized shipments traded to the U.S. from 10 countries and regions in Asia surged 23.3% year on year to 1,791,180 TEUs in October, setting a new record for the month in question, American research company Descartes Datamyne unveiled recently. In the first 10 months (January-October), a total of 13,844,196 TEUs were moved on the route, up 0.4%.

Looking at containers moved on the route in October by origin, those from China soared 33.7% to 1,114,469 TEUs, enjoying a year-on-year improvement for five months in a row. Finishing in second place, those from South Korea jumped 18% to 182,525 TEUs. Ranked third were shipments from Vietnam, which swelled 5.5% to 123,737 TEUs. Those from Singapore increased 25.8% to 86,787 TEUs, helping the economy come in fourth place. At the bottom of the top five were those from Taiwan, which hiked 1.2% to 83,454 TEUs. In contrast, exports from Japan plunged 21.4% to 35,204 TEUs.

Meanwhile, container imports from the U.S. to Asia shrank 1.6% from a year earlier to 463,425 TEUs in September. By destination, those to China augmented 14.9% to 169,742 TEUs. On the other hand, containers to most other major destinations declined. In second place, those to Japan went down 9.2% to 52,325 TEUs. The third greatest destination was South Korea, to which 51,516 TEUs were carried, down 5%. South Korea was followed by India, which imported 39,305 TEUs, down 1.5%. Taiwan came in fifth place, whose container imports fell 20.7% to 36,337 TEUs. Finishing in sixth place, those to Vietnam waned 15.6% to 34,432 TEUs.




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