Outbound containers from Japan to China decreased 6.1% to 813,652 tons in April, due to shrinkages in wastepaper, machinery, iron and steel and other commodities, according to the Japan Maritime Center (JMC). They registered a year-on-year contraction for the 14th consecutive month. In terms of value, they fell 6.5% to ¥663.6 billion, incurring a year-on-year decrease for the fourth straight month.

The JMC indicated, referring to trade statistics provided by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), that imports from China to Japan, on the other hand, improved 7.4% to 1,963,279 tons, as production was on the recovery in China, leading to growth in textiles, iron and ore products, plastic products and others They accomplished the first year-on-year hike in nine months. On a value scale, they also improved for the first time in nine months, surging 12.9% to ¥1.221 trillion.




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