Combined volume of containerized shipments processed at India's 12 state-run ports in fiscal 2019 (April 2019-March 2020) only increased minutely due to a slowdown in the growth of world trade and the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In terms of tonnage, they swelled 1% to 146.93 million tons, and in number, they went up 1.1% to 9.988 million TEUs.

By port, containers decreased 2% to 5.031 million TEUs at Jawaharlal Nehru Port and a more significant 14.6% to 1.384 million TEUs at Chennai. In contrast, Kolkata, Chidambaranar, Cochin and Visakhapatnam all performed well, handling 844,000 TEUs, up 1.7%; 804,000 TEUs, up 8.8%; 620,000 TEUs, up 4.2%; and 504,000 TEUs, up 12%, respectively. Containers increased more dramatically at Deendayal and New Mangalore, which surged 82.8% to 446,000 TEUs and 15.9% to 153,000 TEUs, respectively, while those to and from Kamarajar (formerly Ennore) skyrocketed 129.8% to 131,000 TEUs. On the other hand, throughput plunged 13.5% to 32,000 TEUs at Mormugao and remained nearly unchanged at 27,000 TEUs at Mumbai. Containers processed at Paradip fell 7.7% to 12,000 TEUs.




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