Japan exported 49,518 TEUs of containers to the U.S. in February, down 6% year on year, according to statistics compiled by U.S. data provider Descartes Datamyne. Direct shipments from Japan decreased 8.5% to 39,664 TEUs, but containers from Japan that were transshipped in other countries/regions in Asia improved 5.7% to 9,854 TEUs.

By port of origin, 12,271 TEUs were exported from Tokyo, down 5.7%; from Nagoya, 11,223 TEUs, down 6.4%; from Kobe, 4,797 TEUs, down 8.8%; from Yokohama, 3,447 TEUs, up 10.7%; from Shimizu, 3,447 TEUs, down 16.6%; and from Osaka, 1,663 TEUs, up 1.9%.

Exports from Japan that were transshipped at South Korean ports amounted to 6,582 TEUs, down 8.1%. By port in Japan, 1,024 TEUs were from Hakata, down 11.3%; 1,111 TEUs from Kobe, up 11.1%; 988 TEUs from Yokohama, up 6.2%; 741 TEUs from Osaka, down 5.5%; and 435 TEUs from Tokyo, down 168%.




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