Containers to the U.S. from 10 major countries and regions in Asia amounted to 1,354,932 TEUs, down 4.8% from a year earlier, according to statistics unveiled on July 12 by American data service provider Descartes Datamyne. They decreased year on year in the first half (January-June) as well, down 0.2% to 7,852,638 TEUs.

Looking at eastbound container movement in June by origin, the Descartes Datamyne statistics, which had been compiled from Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and bill of lading (B/L) data provided by the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP), indicated that those from China plunged 10.9% to 816,513 TEUs, incurring a year-on-year contraction for the fifth consecutive month. Ranked second were shipments from South Korea, which improved 0.5% to 144,682 TEUs. The third largest source was Vietnam, which exported 88,081 TEUs, up 38.4%. Finishing fourth place, containers from Taiwan increased 0.9% to 75,126 TEUs.

Containers from Japan fell 1.9% to 43,134 TEUs; including those transshipped in the nation, the total came to 55,359 TEUs, down 2.5% (based on volumes at countries of origin). Shipments exported from Japan and transshipment in South Korea totaled 8,968 TEUs, up 7.9%.

Most products declined year on year in June, including furniture, which managed to hold the largest share of the pie; machinery, which came in second place; plastic, fourth; and steel and iron products, fifth. In contrast, electronic appliances swelled 2.4%, finishing in third place.




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