Korea Nearsea Freight Conference (KNFC) member carriers moved a total of 923,400 TEUs of containers between South Korea and Japan in the first half (January-June) of this year, which increases 2.2% year on year from 923,400 TEUs. Container throughput grew in both directions, with those to South Korea going up 1.9% to 400,700 TEUs and those from South Korea, up 2.5% to 522,700 TEUs. The ratio was 43.3% to 56.7%, indicating the gap remained almost unchanged from a year earlier, when it was 43.4% to 56.6%.

By month, container movement between the two Asian economies declined 4.2% in February, a month of weak demand, but it rose in the other months of the term in question. It was brisk particularly in April, May and June, when it registered an improvement of 5% or even more for three months in a row.

As for local cargo, exports and imports totaled 363,000 TEUs, which only hiked a slight 0.2% from 362,300 TEUs. Imports to South Korea inflated 0.7% to 172,900 TEUs, while exports from South Korea fell 0.3% to 190,100 TEUs.




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