More than 560 port operatives and maintenance engineers at the U.K. port of Liverpool who are members of the Unite the Union launched a two-week strike on Tuesday, which is scheduled to end on Oct. 3.

Mersey Dock and Harbour Co. (MDHC) offered a pay hike of 7%. As the retail price index (RPI) rate of inflation had reached 12.3%, however, the Union members claimed that the MDHC offer would rather be a pay cut, breaking down negotiations with their employer. MDHC then offered a pay increase of 8.3% plus a special bonus of EUR750. Unite refused to take the offer again and staged the strike.

In the U.K., Felixstowe workers plan to go on an eight-day strike on Sept. 27-Oct. 5, a second such action this year. It is feared that demand for inland transport will balloon, worsening congestion at major ports in North Europe and bringing about disruptions to peak-season shipments from Asia.  




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